LandCOBA provides Surveying, Mapping, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems services to clients in Europe, South America and Africa. We operate from our offices in Lisbon and Luanda.



A LandCOBA, Consultores de Sistemas de Informação e Cartografia Digital Lda. is a company of the COBA Group specialized in geomatics and field surveys in areas related to its activity.





To satisfy our clients' needs by investing in the continuous improvement of our services.

To establish relationships of trust with clients and partners.

To provide an environment of satisfaction and appreciation for each employee.

Contribute to the sustainable social and environmental development of our society.




To be a reference in geomatics consultancy in the markets where we operate, through the recognition of our individuality, excellence of the services provided and the competence of our team.





Landcoba, Consultores de Sistemas de Informação e Cartografia digital, Lda., aims to be a renowned company in geomatics consultancy, in the markets in which it operates, through the recognition of its uniqueness, excellence and in the quality of the services provided and competence of its team.

The company's Management Team is committed to ensuring the compliance with the Quality Management Policy and institutes the following commitments:

• Establish trusting relationships and the satisfaction of the Clients’ needs, investing in the continuous improvement of its processes and services;
• Comply with the agreements and deadlines established with Clients, in accordance with the technical standards and specifications in force;
• Provide each employee with a good work environment that facilitates their satisfaction, personal development, and motivation;
• Promote a culture and awareness of Quality, whose implementation is understood by both Company and its employees;
• Periodically update the Quality System, considering the Company’s evolution and business needs.

This Quality Management Policy was transmitted to all employees and can be found on the Company's website.



Find out who we are, how we started and how we got here.

LandCOBA is a company of the COBA Group established in 2005 to continue the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cadastre projects developed by COBA S.A.
In the last 15 years we have participated in multiple national and international projects and expanded the areas of topography, cartography, remote sensing and GIS.
We have carried out land use and land use and cover surveys, cadastral surveys and expropriation projects.
We have completed projects in Europe, South America and Africa for engineering consultants, public entities and companies in the road and utilities sectors.
We pioneered the use of terrestrial and mobile LiDAR technology in Brazil and Angola and currently use the latest 3D data gathering methods and techniques to be at the forefront of topographic and cartographic technology.


LandCOBA was established at the end of 2004 to continue the activity of the Cartography and Cadastre Division of the parent company, COBA S.A., and to expand the areas of topography, cartography, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems
  1. The Beginning

    Establishment of the company offering Surveying, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems services.


  2. Projects

    The first geometric cadastre and expropriation projects.


  3. Business

    Development of a new business area related to the carbon economy and efficiency through the CarbonoVerde brand.


  4. The Technology

    Acquisition of its first fixed and mobile LiDAR systems and beginning of its permanent activity in Angola.

    Establishes a partnership with MacPC, a local company, starting a set of relevant works using different technologies.


  5. Internationalization

    Establishes the subsidiary company LandPRO in Rio de Janeiro and starts a partnership with the Brazilian company SERPEN. In the same year, the second mobile LiDAR device is acquired.


  6. Development

    The second fixed LiDAR equipment is acquired.


  7. New Services

    A set of new services is created for the area of architecture.


  8. Adjustments

    LandPRO moves into the São Paulo market.


  9. New Areas

    A set of new services solutions developed for Asset Management.


  10. New Areas

    Beginning of the development of APPs for Asset Management, namely in the area of Road Infrastructures.



We own several land mobile and fixed laser equipment, bathymetric systems and we have carried out R&D activity to generate innovative surveying and mapping products, with high accuracy and in a shorter period of time than traditional methods.

With over a decade of experience and a well-established business record, we have earned the trust of our clients and justify why we belong to the largest Portuguese business group of engineering and environmental consultants.

We have solutions for the most varied areas of architecture and engineering.


We tailor services to clients’ needs, deliver complete solutions and meet deadlines.

With vast experience in LiDAR technology and geomatics we offer our clients the highest quality and cost-effective solutions.

We have installed capacity in three continents, we have developed partnerships with technology and data providers, we have our own human resources and know-how in the various areas of geomatics and external consultants in related areas.


We develop tailored or standard solutions for all the areas in which we operate.

We work with state-of-the-art equipment and develop custom software applications.

We have embraced the latest methods and techniques in topographic and bathymetric data gathering to be at the forefront of topographic technology.

We develop work on the main CAD, GIS and Database platforms, whether proprietary or open-source software.


We work with LiDAR, GNSS, GIS and Database technologies to collect vector, raster and alphanumeric information.

We provide our clients with products in the native formats of ESRI, Bentley, Autodesk, PCI Geomatics and OpenSource technologies.


We develop projects in several geographical regions and conditions, work with all kinds of technologies in the geomatics area and produce information in the most diverse formats and precisions.


Airbus Defense and Space - world leader in the geospatial business.